Sugar & Spice II

I spend yesterday in the company of 5 girls from our lolita circle, Sugar & Spice

Sascha missing in the group picture~
The day started rather slow, as the meet-up was held here in Aalborg, so I didn't have to get ready early - so I took my time to put my outfit together, and luckily I looked outside the window.
I was quite choked to see all the snow! Everything was covered in white, and big snowflakes were falling from the sky (ノ´∀`*)ノ I love snow, so this was a very happy sight.
And now I had a very good excuse to use my beautiful umbrella again! I haven't used it for a couple of years, which is a shame..

We spend most of the day at the museum "KuNSTEN" and later on the Utzon Center - they were selling some delicious cake at "KuNSTEN", haha ( ・ω・)つ I quite liked a lot of the installations that were on display.

Later we went to Sascha's place and watched some Pocahontas. Or rather slept to the sound of it, hahaha [(--)]ZZz

Here are my outfit pictures;

With my jacket and umbrella! You can almost see the bag too, haha.

Underneath the jacket I wore my Babytssb dress. I really like it, it's cute but not too cute!

My hair and make-up. Here you can see the scarf and gloves Mousy gave me at my housewarming ♥

Now I will just go back to doing nothing ((+_+))


It Is What It Is

Last December, my oldest sister introduced me to the Youtube-account iamamiwhoami. She had read about this new music group, and when she saw the first few videos she thought about me; knew this would be something I'd love. And oh was she right, I fell in love instantly!
The anonymity, the obscure images, the symbolism and puzzles, everything was captivating. I started to follow their channel, waiting for every new video to come, which could take months, but everything new were even more magical than the other.
Everyone was discussing who it might be. Lady Gaga? Madonna? Christina Aguilera? Everyone was guessing. But images from the videos started to show more and more of this woman, always covered in something and with a distorted face - it became more and more clear that it might be the Swedish singer Jonna Lee.
I personally like to see through this, and still see iamamiwhoami as being, well, just iamamiwhoami.
Then, on the 1st of October, they posted a new video - asking for their followers to choose a volunteer. This volunteer would go to their concert, a concert with only one person watching.
The Youtube-user TehHills was chosen, but she didn't have a passport, so she chose the user ShootUpTheStation to go instead - he had to film his whole journey.

Then, on the 16th at 12:01 AM, Swedish time, the concert would be shown on their website. Due to high traffic on the site, it was 15 minutes delayed - and was only available for 4 hours. Sadly, I wasn't able to watch the concert at the time, but luckily someone had recorded everything.
I was glued to my computer screen for 1 hour and 4 minutes.
And I watched it again.
I haven't been listening to any other music since Tuesday.
This was so beautiful and everything suddenly made sense.
And I've never felt more inspired. Something in my changed because of iamamiwhoami.

Pictures from the concert; and here I have to say, this was not just a concert, but art. A journey through a forest, a storytelling, a funeral.
And here, to end this entry before I get even more carried away, is one of my favorite songs and scenes from the concert.

Thank you for this experience.


inspire me III

This is todays outfit;

Going to my parents summer cottage to help renovate today - hence the trunk (・∀・ )
It's a shame you can't really see the color of the dress, it's very dark green.

As you might see, I took a great inspiration from Dolly Kei. I fall more and more in love with this style, and I want to incorporate it into my everyday clothes. Sadly I haven't got a lot of suitable clothes, but I'll have to look for some sometime ♥
To be honest, I've loved this style ever since I laid my eyes on it. I love the rich, down to earth colors, all the layers and accessories.

Some Dolly Kei outfits that inspire me;
Man, I'm in love with it ♥