Pink painted roses

I spend my Saturday with Sascha so we could sew!



Sascha came by yesterday for a photoshoot - we swapped styles and dress each other up! I got dressed in sweet loli and she in classic loli.
I was confirmed why I stopped wearing sweet, I just feel too awkward and weird in it.. It feels like my face gets so much manlier when I wear it, haha!
And boy was it cold outside, I felt like I was dying :(

This is my "AM I CUTE YET?"-pose, haha.

Brb, going on a trip to BLACK DARKNESS!


You'll never guess her secret

Esther seems like the perfect 9-year-old girl and is adopted into the Colaman-family - but there's something wrong with Esther. Terrible accidents follows her around, it's strange as she's such a loving, talented, well-speaking girl. But her new mother, Kate, starts to suspect Esther...

I watched this movie, Orphan, yesterday - and must I say, it was just to my liking!
The movie was a bit long, but it had a plot that I would never had guessed! I loved the twist in it, I really hadn't seen that coming. And Isabella Fuhrman plays excellent, you almost believe she's real.

And now for something irrelevant to the story itself; I adore the clothes Esther wears! It's old fashion children clothes (thought, the story takes place in modern time), and it looks like Innocent World/Mary Magdalene's line for children, if they ever made one. Ah, I wouldn't mind owning her wardrobe ♥


New Year

I hope all of you got into 2011 safely! And I wish all of you a healthy and happy year ♥

On the 28th of December I went to Liv's place, to spend some time with her. We did a lot of things; going to the city, hanging out with Anna and watching movies and TV-series!
On New Years Eve's Day Sascha and Kenny came over, we prepared our dinner and got ready for the evening.
For dinner we had delicious sushi and omelet ♥ I was so stuffed, haha.
We actually (if you read Sascha and Liv's blogs, you probably already know..) had a theme for New Years Eve - Japanese Style!

A very fun idea, I must say, though at first I thought, "..am I excluded from the evening, then?", as I haven't got either a kimono nor a yukata.. But luckily I could borrow one from Liv ♥
I was scared I might look huge in it, but I felt quite nice in it!

This is my favorite picture from the evening: retarded arms, haha!

When we weren't eating, we were playing Disney's Trivial Pursuit. I lost big time orz But when the clock hit 12:00 we all jumped into 2011!
We watched the fireworks from inside, as the weather was really windy and it seemed a bit dangerous to be outside with all the rockets and stuff. But boy was it pretty!

I stayed at Liv's until the 4th of January ♥ I had such a great time. One of the days Liv's mother asked us out for the movies, so we went and watched Burlesque. The storyline wasn't the best, but MAN, the stage-shows, outfits, make-up, GLAMOROUS EVERYTHING. It was inspiring and beautiful!

On the 4th I came back to my parents home, on the 5th my mom and I went to my place in Aalborg, having to attend a meeting on the 6th. Then today, the 7th, we drove back to my parents place (and I must add, the drive is 3 hours), where I'm staying to the 12th.. My calendar is so full right now, haha!

See you guys around, and take care ♥