sewing on the A's

My camera have been feeling a bit cold, so I made it a cover today.
Does the theme surprise you? I bet not, haha!


A cup of tea

With a new camera comes a lot of pictures. I've been trying it out a lot, so I figured I could post some of the photos! Some of them are from last week and some are from today. It's really nice to be able to take pictures with something else than my phone again, haha!



Mousy time

This weekend was in the name of Mousy!
As she had predicted, we ended up eating, watching some movies, eating some more, drawing a bit, read urban legends and ate. Did I mention we ate a lot?
I was supposed to go home yesterday, but I didn't feel like going home, so I stay one more night ♥

We watched "the Road to Eldorado", "How To Train Your Dragon", "Monsters Inc." and "Repo: the Genetic Opera" ♥ And then a few episodes of "Drawn Together". Man, I felt kind of disgusting after eating all we did, haha!

I already miss my Mouse ♥

..and as you might have guessed, I've finally bought myself a camera! I love it so much. I'm also trying to find a good way to edit pictures, so look forward to seeing some different kinds of photos in the future.


OkashiiCon 2011

First of all, I want to say that my heart is with Japan.
I would like to say something wise and remarkable about it, but hell, it doesn't help anyone. So I made a donation instead, it helps more then just saying something.

♥ ♥ ♥

I'm a bit late with my OkashiiCon post, haha. But better late than never!
On the 4th, Kenny, Sascha, Louise, Sabrina and I drove off to Malmø - it was a very long drive, but I slept through most of it. Like I always do, haha!

I wore this Friday - it's the same skirt I wore when Sascha and Kenny visited me at my post-birthday. Though, I got around to paint the Spade on it for OkashiiCon! It's still not entirely finished, but I love it so far. I was actually supposed to wear another pair of shoes, but I kind of bought these when we arrived to Malmø, haha~ I really like them, they go so well with the outfit.

Saturday I wore a lolita version of Moogle from the Final Fantasy series.
It was kind of a last minute sewing project, so the dress and wings didn't turn out great, but I like it nonetheless!

My Moogle face!

For this outfit I was supposed to have worn big, white, furry-boots, but they were forgotten - so the flats were a last resolution I bought in Malmø. -And yes, it was damn cold outside, I felt like I was dying, haha!

Sunday I wore something more elegant.

These last three photos were taken by Ali Jehad.

This was such a nice and chill weekend! And I got to talk to both old and new friends ♥ Can't wait to see everyone someday soon.


inspire me V

I've been meaning to post pictures from OkashiiCon since.. Monday. But I started to feel ill during Tuesday, and by Wednesday I could hardly stand up. Today I'm feeling a lot better, though I still have constant headache, feel dizzy most of the time and haven't got an appetite (and that is tearing me apart, I love food).
So, for good reasons I haven't been able to go get the pictures.

Therefore I will post new inspiration ♥

Walnut forest by *vbagiatis on deviantART

090311 by ~iphigen on deviantART

wandering now by ~Miss-Deathwish on deviantART

Catrina by ~dakari on deviantART



Just before I'm heading out the door for OkashiiCon, I want to share this with you!
I recently commissioned LooneyLolita to do a drawing of my OC Mimi.
This is the outcome:

Commission - ApfelAstrid by *LooneyLolita on deviantART

Isn't it amazing?! I simply love her style, it's so cute and scary at the same time. And I think she captured Mimi quite well ♥

Thank you so much Looney, keep on drawing ♥


Happy birthday

I'm 19 years old now, it doesn't really feel that different from being 18, haha.
It was this Saturday, so I had invited my parents, sisters and their boyfriends over for brunch. I had planned everything in beforehand, and luckily I got everything done almost on time! But I tell you, five hours of cooking is hard on you!

I remembered to take a photo of the food when people had started eating, so all the plates, most of the smoothies, bread and pancakes are gone. But doesn't it look delicious? There was SO much food, and almost everything was eaten, haha ♥

I had such a good time, it was nice having them all visit me.
I even got a LOT of present, some really good ones! Let me show you:

I also got a big and fluffy shirt, tights and another copy of Alice in Wonderland!

Around 4pm my family went home. I had actually planned to spend the evening alone, but then that thought became too much for me, being all alone on my birthday :(
So I called Sascha and invited her and Kenny over! We ate some of the left over food and just enjoyed ourselves. At dinnertime I drove home with them and ate! And after dinner, we went to Sascha's parents place! There we had "Fastelavnsboller" and ice cream with strawberries - and we watched Fantastic Mr. Fox ♥

So, I really had a great day ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, Sascha and Kenny came by again, to have some more food! I made them American Pancakes, mmm.

I felt so full and disgusting afterwards, with all the food I'd eaten throughout the weekend, haha.

The black skirt is homemade. I finished sewing it while Sascha and Kenny had just gotten here!
Honestly, it's not finished yet, I need to make a print on it. But I was so happy to have finished sewing it, that I needed to wear it!

And lastly, before this gets too long and boring, I have a little project going on right now:

Can you guess what it is? And Sascha, your answer is invalid, haha ♥