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I've been meaning to post pictures from OkashiiCon since.. Monday. But I started to feel ill during Tuesday, and by Wednesday I could hardly stand up. Today I'm feeling a lot better, though I still have constant headache, feel dizzy most of the time and haven't got an appetite (and that is tearing me apart, I love food).
So, for good reasons I haven't been able to go get the pictures.

Therefore I will post new inspiration ♥

Walnut forest by *vbagiatis on deviantART

090311 by ~iphigen on deviantART

wandering now by ~Miss-Deathwish on deviantART

Catrina by ~dakari on deviantART

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  1. Beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing!
    AND most important: get better soon! (Maybe you are already feeling good, I hope so!!)