Happy birthday

I'm 19 years old now, it doesn't really feel that different from being 18, haha.
It was this Saturday, so I had invited my parents, sisters and their boyfriends over for brunch. I had planned everything in beforehand, and luckily I got everything done almost on time! But I tell you, five hours of cooking is hard on you!

I remembered to take a photo of the food when people had started eating, so all the plates, most of the smoothies, bread and pancakes are gone. But doesn't it look delicious? There was SO much food, and almost everything was eaten, haha ♥

I had such a good time, it was nice having them all visit me.
I even got a LOT of present, some really good ones! Let me show you:

I also got a big and fluffy shirt, tights and another copy of Alice in Wonderland!

Around 4pm my family went home. I had actually planned to spend the evening alone, but then that thought became too much for me, being all alone on my birthday :(
So I called Sascha and invited her and Kenny over! We ate some of the left over food and just enjoyed ourselves. At dinnertime I drove home with them and ate! And after dinner, we went to Sascha's parents place! There we had "Fastelavnsboller" and ice cream with strawberries - and we watched Fantastic Mr. Fox ♥

So, I really had a great day ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, Sascha and Kenny came by again, to have some more food! I made them American Pancakes, mmm.

I felt so full and disgusting afterwards, with all the food I'd eaten throughout the weekend, haha.

The black skirt is homemade. I finished sewing it while Sascha and Kenny had just gotten here!
Honestly, it's not finished yet, I need to make a print on it. But I was so happy to have finished sewing it, that I needed to wear it!

And lastly, before this gets too long and boring, I have a little project going on right now:

Can you guess what it is? And Sascha, your answer is invalid, haha ♥

9 kommentarer:

  1. Det ser super lækkert ud !
    Og weekenden lyder rigtig rigtig dejlig <3
    Er glad for at du havde sådan en god førdselsdag!

  2. Y U B SO OLD?!?!

    Nngnnhnn, so much delicious food. I ate way too much XD I even get a little nuisance now just looking at those pancakes, haha!
    Your outfit was adorable. I'm sooo looking forward on seeing the finish skirt with print and all!

    And you're making a kigurumi of the purple Teletubbi - I just know it!!

  3. Awesome breakfast + presents + adorably matching Sascha & you = combo of win! Glad you had a great birthday :D

  4. Lækker mad oh why yes so much xD

  5. Belated birthday wishes! ♥ I'm happy to read you've had a nice day <3
    And those presents are adorable! (Alice is already released? Eh?)
    And...those pancakes...they look so perfect! ;;

  6. det ser viiiiiildt godt ud. Er vildt sulten nu much D: <3

  7. Ejjj, det ser vildt godt ud. Al den mad!!

    Den sorte taske er så flot !

  8. Tillykke :D

    Er mega sulten nu :/ hahaa

  9. Wish I could've been there!
    That skirt you sew - wow!! it's amazing. And you look gorgeous as always.