Thought it was about time for this announcement;
I won't be updating this blog anymore.
I no longer find the joy in blogspot, but I will leave the blog open, as I have a few tutorials that are still visited quite often.
But if you're still interested in following my art, then go to my art-tumblr,
where I post my art-related things, and lately I've been posting quite a lot.

Maybe I'll come back to blogspot sometime, but at the moment I doubt I will.


So long and thanks for all the fish ♥


Considering if I should buy a new pair of boots next month, hmmm!


LIFE: slowpoke

"What happened to your blog,, Astrid?"
"I don't know,,"

But here's a few pictures of my outfit from Karneval, back in May, hehe.

At the moment I'm quite busy, as I'm moving next week -

- to a dream place!! I can't wait to get started, it'll be exciting!


PROJECT: white stool

Yesterday's afternoon project - painted my stool partly white. It was great to do in this lovely weather!


DIY: flower pots

I love plants. And I can't help myself to get a new one once in a while. Now I've ended up with multiple of the same flower pots - plain, earth coloured, IKEA flower pots.
This is a simple way to liven these pots up - and takes no more then an afternoon!

What you'll need;
1. Plain flowerpot
2. Masking tape
3. Rubber bands
4. Universal markers (I'm using POSCA)
Place the rubber bands and masking tape in the shape of your liking - the rubber bands are perfect for making straight lines to go all around!
When all is set, you start drawing in the shape - and wait for it to dry. NOTE! Be careful when you remove the rubber bands, they might not have dried completely if you got colour on them.
Finally, you put your plants in place, and voilà! 


ART: without title

These three are payment for a set of markers I got from my former school - super cool of them to let me pay with drawings!
Speaking of drawings - I'm able to train my hand a bit now (!!!) which is lovely, I've missed drawing, more than anyone can imagine. Drawing with my left hand just isn't the same :( 
Last week I got my light-table back. It's been at my parents place since I moved out over 2 years ago, and boy did I miss it!!
I ended up making 7 different profiles, and here you see four of them - sketch, colour test, and two of the three finished linearts. I even made two of one of them, so I have something to put in my portfolio.


DIY: elbow patches

Oh bugger, I don't like this new Blogger layout :(

About 5 years ago, I bought a blue/white striped sweater in a second hand store. It's been used and loved, but lately it's been looking so... dull. So I decided to liven it up with elbow patches! Yes, I'm a sucker for elbow patches, haha.


What you'll need;
1. Sweater of choice
2. Elbow patches (these can be bought pre-made in different colours - fairly cheap too)
3. Iron
4. Sewing needle
5. Thread

First, find out where you want to place it, and iron it in place - follow the instructions on the elbow patch package!

When you've made sure they don't peel off, you can leave it like that - or secure them by sewing them in place.

I decided on a darker thread colour.

And then you're done! A brand "new" sweater, ready to wear ♥

 (Alternative title; Astrid's Inner Hipster)



never have I experienced the service they provided.
A little month ago, I ordered this City Notebook London, that I have wanted for a while, but the same night of ordering it, I got a mail from one of their employees, Michael. The mail stated that they were out of stock at the moment - and this is where most shops end their message - you just have to patiently wait till they get it in stock again. But Michael asked "when are you going?", as he could see it was a City Notebook I had ordered.
We mailed a bit back and forth, and he told me they had a new batch on the way, as the Tube Map had been updated; but he didn't know when they would arrive. Or if it would be in time.
So he searched their stock, and found a single, opened sample. He send it to me right away, and I got it for half the price!
But when I opened the package, I was disappointed. This is what I was met with;
A handful of pages with scribbles of naked women and glassed men, and some pages were bent and ripped.
I mailed back instantly, and Michael embarrassingly replied, that he hadn't seen the state of the book, as heed been so eager to send it to me when he found it. Still, he didn't know when the new ones would arrive - though this Wednesday he mailed me that they would arrive Friday. And Saturday, today, I had it in my hands! I was so excited to finally have it in my hands, unharmed, unscribbled.
And still for half the price!
The notebook is everything I had wanted, and I can't wait to use it.
Oh yeah, "But you're not in London?" you may ask; in a few days I will be on the plane with my girls!!
The old and new one compared - the top map is the old one, and the book on the right is the new one.

If you ever want to order a Moleskine notebook, and you're Danish, do consider ordering from their website. This is the best service I have ever gotten, and I can't wait to order from them again sometime ♥


the adventures of mr. rabbit

Meet Mr. Rabbit! That's him on the right in the photo - dandy, isn't he?
We assisted at a photoshoot yesterday, but more than assisting... he dragged me out adventuring.
Meet the lovely models and the sweet photographer!
Or maybe Mr. Rabbit was the model, hmmm...
Mr. Rabbit tried persuading me to go into the pitch black corridors....
...and then we met a monster in the ceiling!!


back again

Finally I'm back with actual updates! What came in the way, you may ask; I formatted my computer and was without a photo-editing programme until a few days ago.

The above images are my outfit for Sascha and mine's combined birthday party in February; we had it circus themed! You can see more pictures at Sascha's blog

Here's another outfit from early February, and some pictures from my apartment;
A while back I crafted this necklace - I collect crystals, and I bought this one last summer, wanting to make it into a necklace; but I guess I forgot all about it until then!


inspire me VII

In late January, KUNSTEN opened up for a new exhibition, Marc Quinn: "All of Nature Flows Through Us", and I knew I just had to see it. Though, time went fast, and in the end, I thought I didn't get to go; but lo and behold! Yesterday, a friend took me there.

His humongous oil paintings are breathtaking. At first sight, they appear to be photographs, but a closer look shows them to be actual paintings - and his sculptures had me a bit frightened, especially A Moment of Clarity, which seems just a bit too real.

If you're near Aalborg before the 29th of April, it's worth a trip to KUNSTEN. Or, well, always is a good time to go to KUNSTEN.
Pictures by Marc Quinn Studio


my favorite places

Over the past few days, I've been so lucky to become ill. I can't sleep or eat because of the coughing :(
But today isn't just for feeling bad for myself; today is the day of The Fall of Sherlock Holmes (for everyone who watches BBC Sherlock). I'm trying to prepare myself mentally, but that's probably not going to work at all. Looking forward to tumblr going crazy and crying ♥

But I wanted to show you some recent pictures from my phone, and some from my camera;
>>click the image to enlarge
>>Click the image to enlarge
And last, but not least, the amazing rabbit lamp my sisters got me for Christmas;
♥ ♥ ♥