never have I experienced the service they provided.
A little month ago, I ordered this City Notebook London, that I have wanted for a while, but the same night of ordering it, I got a mail from one of their employees, Michael. The mail stated that they were out of stock at the moment - and this is where most shops end their message - you just have to patiently wait till they get it in stock again. But Michael asked "when are you going?", as he could see it was a City Notebook I had ordered.
We mailed a bit back and forth, and he told me they had a new batch on the way, as the Tube Map had been updated; but he didn't know when they would arrive. Or if it would be in time.
So he searched their stock, and found a single, opened sample. He send it to me right away, and I got it for half the price!
But when I opened the package, I was disappointed. This is what I was met with;
A handful of pages with scribbles of naked women and glassed men, and some pages were bent and ripped.
I mailed back instantly, and Michael embarrassingly replied, that he hadn't seen the state of the book, as heed been so eager to send it to me when he found it. Still, he didn't know when the new ones would arrive - though this Wednesday he mailed me that they would arrive Friday. And Saturday, today, I had it in my hands! I was so excited to finally have it in my hands, unharmed, unscribbled.
And still for half the price!
The notebook is everything I had wanted, and I can't wait to use it.
Oh yeah, "But you're not in London?" you may ask; in a few days I will be on the plane with my girls!!
The old and new one compared - the top map is the old one, and the book on the right is the new one.

If you ever want to order a Moleskine notebook, and you're Danish, do consider ordering from their website. This is the best service I have ever gotten, and I can't wait to order from them again sometime ♥

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  1. God service god reklame (y) <3

    Lyder som en rigtig dejlig oplevelse :) åååh jeg elsker London ~ wanna go! ha' en rigtig dejlig tur

  2. "My girls" Det mig :D :D <3
    Ååååårh Astrid det er bare lige om lidt! Og hvor er det sejt at du kan være vores egen lille tog mus der bare har styr på det <3 :D

  3. Nice!
    Skal til London til sommer, det kunne godt være, at jeg skulle anskaffe mig sådan én! :D