DIY: elbow patches

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About 5 years ago, I bought a blue/white striped sweater in a second hand store. It's been used and loved, but lately it's been looking so... dull. So I decided to liven it up with elbow patches! Yes, I'm a sucker for elbow patches, haha.


What you'll need;
1. Sweater of choice
2. Elbow patches (these can be bought pre-made in different colours - fairly cheap too)
3. Iron
4. Sewing needle
5. Thread

First, find out where you want to place it, and iron it in place - follow the instructions on the elbow patch package!

When you've made sure they don't peel off, you can leave it like that - or secure them by sewing them in place.

I decided on a darker thread colour.

And then you're done! A brand "new" sweater, ready to wear ♥

 (Alternative title; Astrid's Inner Hipster)

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love elbow patches - I'd have them on all my shirts if I didn't roll up the sleeves on anything I could get my hands on BD;

  2. Hvor er det stilet det der man.