DIY: flower pots

I love plants. And I can't help myself to get a new one once in a while. Now I've ended up with multiple of the same flower pots - plain, earth coloured, IKEA flower pots.
This is a simple way to liven these pots up - and takes no more then an afternoon!

What you'll need;
1. Plain flowerpot
2. Masking tape
3. Rubber bands
4. Universal markers (I'm using POSCA)
Place the rubber bands and masking tape in the shape of your liking - the rubber bands are perfect for making straight lines to go all around!
When all is set, you start drawing in the shape - and wait for it to dry. NOTE! Be careful when you remove the rubber bands, they might not have dried completely if you got colour on them.
Finally, you put your plants in place, and voilà! 

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