White Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Did you have a nice Christmas Eve?
I sure had ♥ I ate so much, haha. But I like that - Christmas is only right when I eat more food than my own bodyweight!
Over the weekend I've borrowed my sisters new camera, so I'm sorry for the picture spam today..

I had such a nice evening. We ate a lot of delicious food and dessert, danced, or rather run, around the Christmas tree and then we spend the rest of the evening opening our presents. I got a lot of good stuff, thank you family ♥


Christmas Party

My outfit from this Saturday - Kita's Christmas Party!
It was a nice day, I had a lot of fun and ate so much ♥

We played "Pakkeleg", a game where you win packages. What would a Christmas Party be without Pakkeleg, haha!
There were a real fight for some of the packages! It's always intertaining to participate in (*≧▽≦)
I myself won this;
A Prop Plus Petit Grell figure! Actually, Sascha won it, but we swapped presents, haha. I'm really happy for it, I've wanted to buy it for some time now.

Later we played this RPG/social game called "Werewolf". Man! I love it! I've never really played this type of game before, mainly because it seems so complicated when you read about it. But when you're in the middle of the game it's easier to understand (ノ´∀`*)ノ
I can't wait to play it again; you get all nervous and scared when you play it, just the game for me ♥



I wanted to update yesterday, as I said I would, but that never really happened, haha.

Here's my outfit from this Tuesday;
I dressed up because I was going to the movies; finally I got to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 ♥

Honestly, the movie surprised me a great deal, and luckily, the surprise was positive.
I like the amout of feelings in it. And I must say, that Ron is excellent all the way through! I really believed all his feelings. And that fight with the horcrux was really nice.
Now I can't wait for the last movie - but at the same time I don't want to movies to end too..

In the meantime, I'll start to read the books again ♥


Joker of the Pack

(ok, I'm starting to lack updating again. I won't stuff everything in this post, so I'll make one tomorrow too)

My Sunday was spend at Sascha & Kenny's place - or rather, in their basement!
We were doing a photoshoot in connection with a project Kenny is doing.
It was rather fun with the effects going on and all, Sascha saying "DOWN!" when I had to move out of the frame quickly, haha ε=ε=ε=┌(*゚∇゚)┘
I think a lot of the pictures turned out really scary. It was nice to try and do a photoshoot like this ♥

Here's some of my own favorite pictures;
This one shows the nails that I did, very well;
And this shows the make up (^-^*)

I hope you like the pictures! The rest can be seen here


Sugar & Spice II

I spend yesterday in the company of 5 girls from our lolita circle, Sugar & Spice

Sascha missing in the group picture~
The day started rather slow, as the meet-up was held here in Aalborg, so I didn't have to get ready early - so I took my time to put my outfit together, and luckily I looked outside the window.
I was quite choked to see all the snow! Everything was covered in white, and big snowflakes were falling from the sky (ノ´∀`*)ノ I love snow, so this was a very happy sight.
And now I had a very good excuse to use my beautiful umbrella again! I haven't used it for a couple of years, which is a shame..

We spend most of the day at the museum "KuNSTEN" and later on the Utzon Center - they were selling some delicious cake at "KuNSTEN", haha ( ・ω・)つ I quite liked a lot of the installations that were on display.

Later we went to Sascha's place and watched some Pocahontas. Or rather slept to the sound of it, hahaha [(--)]ZZz

Here are my outfit pictures;

With my jacket and umbrella! You can almost see the bag too, haha.

Underneath the jacket I wore my Babytssb dress. I really like it, it's cute but not too cute!

My hair and make-up. Here you can see the scarf and gloves Mousy gave me at my housewarming ♥

Now I will just go back to doing nothing ((+_+))


It Is What It Is

Last December, my oldest sister introduced me to the Youtube-account iamamiwhoami. She had read about this new music group, and when she saw the first few videos she thought about me; knew this would be something I'd love. And oh was she right, I fell in love instantly!
The anonymity, the obscure images, the symbolism and puzzles, everything was captivating. I started to follow their channel, waiting for every new video to come, which could take months, but everything new were even more magical than the other.
Everyone was discussing who it might be. Lady Gaga? Madonna? Christina Aguilera? Everyone was guessing. But images from the videos started to show more and more of this woman, always covered in something and with a distorted face - it became more and more clear that it might be the Swedish singer Jonna Lee.
I personally like to see through this, and still see iamamiwhoami as being, well, just iamamiwhoami.
Then, on the 1st of October, they posted a new video - asking for their followers to choose a volunteer. This volunteer would go to their concert, a concert with only one person watching.
The Youtube-user TehHills was chosen, but she didn't have a passport, so she chose the user ShootUpTheStation to go instead - he had to film his whole journey.

Then, on the 16th at 12:01 AM, Swedish time, the concert would be shown on their website. Due to high traffic on the site, it was 15 minutes delayed - and was only available for 4 hours. Sadly, I wasn't able to watch the concert at the time, but luckily someone had recorded everything.
I was glued to my computer screen for 1 hour and 4 minutes.
And I watched it again.
I haven't been listening to any other music since Tuesday.
This was so beautiful and everything suddenly made sense.
And I've never felt more inspired. Something in my changed because of iamamiwhoami.

Pictures from the concert; and here I have to say, this was not just a concert, but art. A journey through a forest, a storytelling, a funeral.
And here, to end this entry before I get even more carried away, is one of my favorite songs and scenes from the concert.

Thank you for this experience.


inspire me III

This is todays outfit;

Going to my parents summer cottage to help renovate today - hence the trunk (・∀・ )
It's a shame you can't really see the color of the dress, it's very dark green.

As you might see, I took a great inspiration from Dolly Kei. I fall more and more in love with this style, and I want to incorporate it into my everyday clothes. Sadly I haven't got a lot of suitable clothes, but I'll have to look for some sometime ♥
To be honest, I've loved this style ever since I laid my eyes on it. I love the rich, down to earth colors, all the layers and accessories.

Some Dolly Kei outfits that inspire me;
Man, I'm in love with it ♥


Shortened short

Got home yesterday after a lovely vacation - Wednesday my mom, Julie and I went home to my parents place, it was really nice to just relax ♥ I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to do this vacation; finish sewing my dress, draw, fix my wig and go to Flensburg, but I did have a nice time. Thursday I had an appointment at the hair dresser, so now I've got healthy looking hair again, and a super short fringe ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Right after the hair dresser I went to meet up with two of my friends from a former school. We spend three hours talking at the café, haha!

An outfit from one of the days;
You can kind of see my hair here~

I went to town with my sister too, and I bought a really cool glass chess game. It was only 10Dkr! I wanted to buy Dorian Grey on DVD too, but Blockbuster didn't have it for 20Dkr as they have in Aarhus (*´ο`*)=3

Today I wanted to clean my apartment, sew and dress up, but I fell asleep over noon till afternoon, so I kind of wasted the day, sight... But I did get around to finish a drawing!
It's done in watercolor.
I made the lineart months ago, but I never finished coloring it - too afraid if I might ruin it, as I'm still learning to master watercolor o(  ><)o
It shows Doll from the manga series Kuroshitsuji; though in a quite different outfit! I really like her character, such a sweet personality ♥
I actually wanted to upload it to dA today, but my scanner is a bitch and removes all colors from my drawings (  ゚,_ゝ゚)


3 minutes past 1

Right now I'm sitting my parents summer cottage. I have vacation right now, so I'm helping renovate some more (*≧▽≦) It's quite cold as there's no isolation right now. But hopefully we'll get a lot done, so we can be here in the Christmas Holidays!
Both my parents and sisters are here, it's very nice ♥ Even if my sisters talk so much I'm not able to say a word, hahaha!

But I want to show you a bit of the walls in my apartment. I haven't really showed any pictures of my apartment yet..
I decorated a bit up for Halloween!

Even if the picture of Anna is really old, I love it ♥ It's making me happy every time I look at it!

My clock and official Marie drawing!

I like all these little bats on my walls, haha (人・_・)♡

Isn't he cool?! My dad bought him as a present for me (〃 ̄▽ ̄) ..it's not a living frog though, but it was once alive! I really like it, I love frogs.
He bought me a real crocodile head too, a bit scary looking but awesome!

yes, I do have a weakness for that kind of stuff, haha.

My outfit from Friday. I think it looks quite schoolgirl-like. I was wearing a dark red neck-bow too~

How do you spend your dark winter evenings?
I light up a lot of candles, drink tea and draw a lot, it's very.. "cozy", or "hyggeligt" as we say in Denmark! ♥


Light and Shadows from the past

I'm crying like crazy right now, DR2 Premiere showed the movie "El Orfanato". I've watched it a number of times already and it's such a sad and touching film~ No wonder it got a 10 minutes applause when it was aired at the film festival for the first time! (;_・)

This weekend was spend at my parents house ♥ I have only been home 4 times since I moved out in January.. But one of the reasons for this is that the train ride takes about 4-5 hours, depending on which time of the day you take the train (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
The main reason for me to go home was actually not only to see my parents again, but because I had to hold a lecture at Asperggaard.
Some of you know that I've held lectures before, and it's a think I enjoy!
This time I was going to talk to 4 girls, aged 12-16, and their parents - these girls are where I was when I was their age.
Oh, and for those of you who doesn't know; I have Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism, and many people have told me, that my story is a success story, that I've been so lost in life and the system, but I beat everyone and I'm now living an almost independent life, this is why I'm doing this.
I learned so much from this lecture, and it was kind of a relief to meet someone who is just as myself. Now I know that I'm not alone to have had such feelings and felt so hopeless - so I'm just very happy that I can give something to these girls, maybe give them a sign that they're not alone and that life gets better ♥
They told me that it was nice to talk to someone who have been through the same thing, and to see that things can be sorted out; it made me so happy that I could give them that!
It was truly an eyeopening evening, and I hope that I'll hear from the girls again! ♥
I thought it was nice that I got to talk with the girls, just us, when my mom got to talk with all the parents in another room - this gave room for questions some might not want to ask with their parents/daughters near.

The arrangers of this event payed for my train ticket, which I thought was a very nice gesture and "payment". But they didn't find that enough, so they gave me another 500Dkr and a nice bag of delicious tea, chocolate, liquorice and jam, wow! My mom and I was very surprised, and both of us want to hear how it's going to go for these girls!

Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind living off of this, I really feel like I can make a difference, and actually help someone. I know that I would have loved to talk to someone about these things when I was in my darkest times, someone who had gotten out of it and was living their own life despise all the difficulties.

Thank you if you read all of this wall of text, haha ♥

I enjoyed being with my parents a great deal, we ate delicious food all the time, mom and I went to the town and bought drawing materials, sat in the garden and drew together with mom, had some good talks with my dad and played a whole lot with Bernhard!
I didn't want to go home yesterday, but sadly school was calling ☆⌒(>。≪)
But I'm going to see them again next week, so excited! I'm going to see my sister Stine too!

I'm sorry I haven't got any pictures to show you, but my cellphone camera isn't really the best in the world, haha.
But here you can have a picture of my banana I was going to eat some day last week. Laughed so much when I saw it! This is what happens when I have guests over;


You want some whipped cream with that?

Helloo~ everyone!
I'm so tired right now, long day in school, went to buy some tea for my mom, fell asleep when I got home and just ate dinner. I'm ready to go to bed now (゚ー゚)(。_。)

BUT, I want to share with you what happened this weekend;
I held my belated house warming/birthday party!! Actually, my birthday was i February, but I never got around to celebrate together with my friends, so better late than never 八(^□^*)

I invited more than a handful of friends, but only four was able to show up - then I shouldn't worry about not having enough room or food, haha!
The first one to show up was Mousy! And luckily she didn't mind me cleaning my apartment orz
Later Sascha and Kenny showed up, and then Louise came over in the evening!

I made a cake... or should I say whipped cream with a touch of cake, hahahaha ( ^‐^)_且 The cake was filled with cream puffs(?), whipped cream and bananas! I think it was delicious, even if it was quite disgusting after too much (;/゜o゜)/

I failed at blowing out the last candle orz

They brought me presents (ノへ^)
Mousy gave me the cutest muffler and gloves from Baby, the Starts Shine Bright!! I haven't got a picture of them jet.. But I love them soo much! Now I'll look fabulous even in the winter time (^_-)☆

Sascha and Kenny gave me a complete set of dishes, bowls and cups! With diamond pattern ♦♦♦ I've wanted them ever since I saw them, so kind of Sascha and Kenny to give the whole set to me ♥ I'm going to use it so much!

Louise gave me a bottle of Tequila, first time I've ever tried it. Got too much salt in the first turn, though, hahaha orz But it tastes quite good ( ゚▽゚)

We ended up watching Ponyo, and I fell asleep. And woke op when the Ponyo song started ♫
I had such a great night! Thank you for making it such a nice day and night ♥

This was my outfit, I think it looks a bit fierce;
I'll go grab a piece of that cake now, hahahahaha ☺