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Right now I'm sitting my parents summer cottage. I have vacation right now, so I'm helping renovate some more (*≧▽≦) It's quite cold as there's no isolation right now. But hopefully we'll get a lot done, so we can be here in the Christmas Holidays!
Both my parents and sisters are here, it's very nice ♥ Even if my sisters talk so much I'm not able to say a word, hahaha!

But I want to show you a bit of the walls in my apartment. I haven't really showed any pictures of my apartment yet..
I decorated a bit up for Halloween!

Even if the picture of Anna is really old, I love it ♥ It's making me happy every time I look at it!

My clock and official Marie drawing!

I like all these little bats on my walls, haha (人・_・)♡

Isn't he cool?! My dad bought him as a present for me (〃 ̄▽ ̄) ..it's not a living frog though, but it was once alive! I really like it, I love frogs.
He bought me a real crocodile head too, a bit scary looking but awesome!

yes, I do have a weakness for that kind of stuff, haha.

My outfit from Friday. I think it looks quite schoolgirl-like. I was wearing a dark red neck-bow too~

How do you spend your dark winter evenings?
I light up a lot of candles, drink tea and draw a lot, it's very.. "cozy", or "hyggeligt" as we say in Denmark! ♥

6 kommentarer:

  1. First thoughts on the frog: Is that PONYOOOO. No wait, it's kalcifer!! No wait it's... what, a FROG?! haha <3

    Haha, nice bats main!! Too cool ~

    Take care of yourself honny :/ keep warm and don't get sick!!

  2. Damn that Marie drawing and those bats are freaking AWESOME!! =D

  3. Ej hvor har du fået den Marie tegning fra?? *A* <33

    Tsh, hvorfor kender jeg dig ikke IRL (>//w//<)

  4. øv jeg synes det er synd du har fået den frø og krokodillen :(
    det gør mig ret trist indeni.

    det er garanteret rigtig hyggeligt hjemme hos dig :) og det lyder som om du er god til at håndtere de mørke aftener :D det er jeg slet ikke hahaha, jeg sover bare

  5. Aw, I like <3
    Hope you're enjoying the vacation (^-^) ~
    The pic of Marie is super cute! Love it!
    I wanna come see you at your new place sometime :D
    But it's so hard to find time and money OAO


  6. oh honey <3 That picture made me so happy. I miss you like fucking hell.
    Please come visit me soon. It's your turn ok? <3 <3