You want some whipped cream with that?

Helloo~ everyone!
I'm so tired right now, long day in school, went to buy some tea for my mom, fell asleep when I got home and just ate dinner. I'm ready to go to bed now (゚ー゚)(。_。)

BUT, I want to share with you what happened this weekend;
I held my belated house warming/birthday party!! Actually, my birthday was i February, but I never got around to celebrate together with my friends, so better late than never 八(^□^*)

I invited more than a handful of friends, but only four was able to show up - then I shouldn't worry about not having enough room or food, haha!
The first one to show up was Mousy! And luckily she didn't mind me cleaning my apartment orz
Later Sascha and Kenny showed up, and then Louise came over in the evening!

I made a cake... or should I say whipped cream with a touch of cake, hahahaha ( ^‐^)_且 The cake was filled with cream puffs(?), whipped cream and bananas! I think it was delicious, even if it was quite disgusting after too much (;/゜o゜)/

I failed at blowing out the last candle orz

They brought me presents (ノへ^)
Mousy gave me the cutest muffler and gloves from Baby, the Starts Shine Bright!! I haven't got a picture of them jet.. But I love them soo much! Now I'll look fabulous even in the winter time (^_-)☆

Sascha and Kenny gave me a complete set of dishes, bowls and cups! With diamond pattern ♦♦♦ I've wanted them ever since I saw them, so kind of Sascha and Kenny to give the whole set to me ♥ I'm going to use it so much!

Louise gave me a bottle of Tequila, first time I've ever tried it. Got too much salt in the first turn, though, hahaha orz But it tastes quite good ( ゚▽゚)

We ended up watching Ponyo, and I fell asleep. And woke op when the Ponyo song started ♫
I had such a great night! Thank you for making it such a nice day and night ♥

This was my outfit, I think it looks a bit fierce;
I'll go grab a piece of that cake now, hahahahaha ☺

8 kommentarer:

  1. fuck you. NO MORE. seriously. You are so hot :(

  2. Hvorfor er du så lækker altså? <3

  3. I have the same diamond pattern set.. It's AWESOOOOME! And wow, your outfit is amazing! <3

  4. WANT STRØMPEBUKSER gaaah *kills self*
    Du er så smuk <3 elsker dit outfit! Virkelig cool og stilet.

  5. Tihihiihih, asssss. assss. asssstrid. tihihihi.

    Og på non-outfit billederne... har du lagt mærke til at du er herre Ponyo-like? Herre barnlig: oppustede kinder, crazy happy x2 og så sovesovezzzZZzzz.

  6. The cake of doom ♥ It's hard to believe something so unhealthy can taste so great XD
    You looked fabulous! I love the way you match different fabrics!

    And we're so happy that you like the stuff we gave you ;A;

  7. Det ser ud til at have været en god dag. :) Og jeg må give de andre ret. Ganske fantastisk outfit. :)

  8. Looking delicouuuuus you are..did.. nah.. you always do 8D

    That cake *gags* it was so tasty! *__*

    I'm so happy you like your present *o* I really hoped you would ♥

    And ofcause I didn't mind, You thre that DMC Manga at me and I couldn't stop reading!! XDDD