Her breath will still, her blood congeal

This Sunday, Sascha and I went out for a photoshoot.
For a while, we have been talking about the theme for this photoshoot - Sascha was going to participate in a Lolita Fairy Tale contest, so we needed to figure out how we should go about it!
Sascha had a lot of crazy ideas, but some of them would be too complicated to do.. And then we decided on Snow White ♥
To make everything more interesting to look at, Sascha wanted it to be both Snow White and the Evil Queen in the photo - and thus I had to model both of them, haha!

It was really cold, and having to change outfit in the middle of it all was chilling me! But I got a reward in the end ( ゚▽゚)/
I got to eat the delicious apple!

For this photoshoot we wanted Snow White's outfit to be like in the Disney Movie, with a lolita twist. So I sew the skirt specially for this! Sascha helped me so much making it ♥

Sascha did an amazing editing job on the first picture I posted, the one from dA! It actually looks like I'm standing in front of myself (*≧▽≦)

7 kommentarer:


    I'm so happy that you helped me with this shoot! I couldn't have done it without you ;-; ♥

  2. Aww, hvor er det flot og kreativt! Wow *-* nice nederdel også <3 I er så dygtige sammen, virkelig. Elsker at se jeres shoots :3

  3. fuck hvor er det fedt!!!!
    mega awsome photoshoot!

    elsker begge outfits og dine ansigtsudtryk!

  4. Elsker at I lavede et skirt kun til det her =w=


    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEJ.. Spiser du altid æbler sårn der!? HAHAHHAA! I to er så gode sammen ^-^
    Please forever continue<3

  5. Ei, det er fuldstændigt fantastisk det der ! Virkelig flot !

    Jeg elsker simpelthen din kreativitet og ideer Astrid <3

  6. Oooh hvor er det godt! ♥
    Elsker dine outifts og billederne er også rigtig flotte. Good job girls :D

  7. Hvor ville jeg dog gerne arbejde sammen med jer en dag til noget photoshoot!!! :D