Sugar & Spice

Saturday I went to Aarhus for our lolita circles first meet-up!
We decided on a name and we're now called Sugar & Spice ♥
It was such a nice day and I'm looking very much forward to getting to know all of the girls.
Some of the girls couldn't make it to our first meet-up, but hopefully they'll be able to come next time (^-^*)/

We spend the day walking around Aarhus for some shopping - but as we're at the end of the month, no one seemed to have money to buy anything, haha ( ̄~ ̄;)
But none the less was it very fun to walk around and get to know each other!

I'm looking very much forward to the next meet up ♥

This is what I wore for the day;
I love that Jacket so much, so glad the weather is cool enough so I can wear it again, haha!
Oh man, my hair is so pretty on the one side, and the other side is just so messed up orz
(all pictures are by Zarsu)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Sascha: Astrid, se sdan lidt drømmende ud, tak!
    Astrid: Like this?
    S: Pur-fect :D

    haha <3

  2. fuck you. Fuck you. fuuuuuuuuck youuuu, I haaaate yooooou. You are so pretty honey, and your coordinate is perfect. If I was EVER going in to lolita again, I would dress like you. haha, I'm such a sad person. I miss you, and I love you :'(
    For my sake: MORE OUTFIT UPDATES!!

  3. I looove your outfit from Saturday - your coordinating skillz are amazing *Q* ♥

  4. Fuuu hvor er din frakke fra? ;O; <33