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This Saturday, Karneval was held here in Aalborg. I went to watch the parade with Sascha, Kenny and Mads.
I wore my Pikachu kigurumi, though I didn't get a picture of it :I But I wore the make-up as pictured above - and look! My fringe is different. I went to the hairdresser Friday. They were having a discount, so I got my hair cut for very cheap; it was really needed, I haven't been at the hairdresser for more than 7 months. So now it's all healthy-looking again ♥

I've gotten a few ArtCards ready, something I'm planning to make a lot of. They're the size of trading cards, a fun format to work with! Sometime, hopefully soon, I'll be putting some for sale, starting taking ArtCard commissions and doing art trades. I hope somebody will be interested, haha ♥

I also finished the drawing I showed you earlier!

mindgames by *ApfelAstrid on deviantART



The Other Alice

Sorry for spamming you so soon, haha! I just got something sweeeeet in the mail, and I have to share it with you ♥
A while back I placed an order for a headbow from The Other Alice - we had planned to meet up at some point, but we never seemed to find a time for it.. So yesterday Ane sent it to me, and I received it just now! So fast.
I have to say, it's perfect. Everything I seek in a headbow, and the quality is amazing. It's like holding a real brand-piece in my hands! I'll definitely buy more accessories from her ♥

I can't wait to wear it in a coordinate.

To end this in a more review-ish way;
Communication: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Quality/construction: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Shipping: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I just love it ♥


A few outfits

A few weekends ago Sascha came by and visited me - and we had decided on doing a photoshoot with my Moogle-outfit! It was fun, even if it started raining halfway through. You can see all the photos over at her website, ZARSU.DK

During her stay we also dressed up in loli to stuff ourselves with food and watch anime, haha! Best way to spend time together, yeah ♥
Then this weekend was noise-evening with Anime Kita, and I dressed up in loli again. Sascha and I were twinning in our "Cosmetic Print" dresses! I had a great time, though it's super hard dancing StepMania in all those layers..
I need to cut my fringe :o(


wip drawing

For the past days I've been working on a drawing - it's still far from finished - and I thought I'd share some of the so-far progress with you!
It's A3 sized, and I mainly work with pastels, markers and colored pencils.


Maid of Time

It seems like the blog I did yesterday is all gone now, because of the blogger-update :( So, I'll just try to remember what I wrote yesterday!

im d0ing this im making this hapen
Aradia is such a sweet and loving character, so I'm making this cosplay ♥
And I think my face suits her too, so that's great.

And btw, this is my third Homestuck blog in a row, are you tired of me yet?! Haha ♥
I just can't help myself.


Seer of Light

Seer of Light by *ApfelAstrid on deviantART

I've been working on this since yesterday - it started off as a little doodle, not showing someone particular, but slowly turned into something. I finished it during school today.
It's Rose Lalonde, above the , from Homestuck. You might have guessed that I like HS from my last post, haha ♥

Some progress photos from school today. Please notice my change of location, hahaha!
This is a closeup, that shows the green highlighting a bit better;

This probably won't be the last Homestuck fanart from my side ♥ ♥ ♥


==> Astrid: Make blog.

This weekend was supposed to be spend in Randers, but due to some nasty blood-blisters underneath my feet, I was unable to walk. I feel so sorry for myself, hahaha :'o(
SO,, I will now post something that have kept my mood high!
You might look at this and think "what the f**k's going on, what is this s**t", and to that, I can only say "go read the amazing Homestuck

I cAnT gEt EnOuGh