A few outfits

A few weekends ago Sascha came by and visited me - and we had decided on doing a photoshoot with my Moogle-outfit! It was fun, even if it started raining halfway through. You can see all the photos over at her website, ZARSU.DK

During her stay we also dressed up in loli to stuff ourselves with food and watch anime, haha! Best way to spend time together, yeah ♥
Then this weekend was noise-evening with Anime Kita, and I dressed up in loli again. Sascha and I were twinning in our "Cosmetic Print" dresses! I had a great time, though it's super hard dancing StepMania in all those layers..
I need to cut my fringe :o(

3 kommentarer:

  1. Du er simpelthen så pæn at se på... og ret så sød indeni <3

  2. Fuuuu- you look adorable. <3

  3. why do you always look so cute? >-<
    love your outfits!