Kløften Festival

Quite a while since my last blog, huh!
I've had a lot of nice things to attend to lately, and I can't wait to tell about all of it; though, I'll divide everything into separate blogs.

IN the end of June was Kløften Festival. As the last 20 years, I attended, and I had a most wonderful time.
Some of the concerts we went to; Alphabeat, Turboweekend, De Glade Sømænd, Crash-kurs, Vinnie Who, Duné, The Floor Is Made Of Lava and Sort Sol.
Well, enough talk, picture-time!

At one point it started to rain like crazy! People sought shelter under tables, haha.

All pictures are by my sister.



inside by *ApfelAstrid on deviantART

These are done in school, for my production - the things I make will be sold, hopefully. These are going to be framed in two quadratic frames with black backgrounds.

I want to post about this years Kløften Festival, but I'll have to wait, seeing as my sister is keeping the good images hostage, while she's at Roskile! So, have some sketches instead;

My dad had prepared eggs for when I came home for Kløften, so that I could have sun-eggs ♥ I love sun-eggs, they're so delicious.
I will go now, and watch Hellboy; the Golden Army, and fangirl over Prince Nuada.