Kløften Festival

Quite a while since my last blog, huh!
I've had a lot of nice things to attend to lately, and I can't wait to tell about all of it; though, I'll divide everything into separate blogs.

IN the end of June was Kløften Festival. As the last 20 years, I attended, and I had a most wonderful time.
Some of the concerts we went to; Alphabeat, Turboweekend, De Glade Sømænd, Crash-kurs, Vinnie Who, Duné, The Floor Is Made Of Lava and Sort Sol.
Well, enough talk, picture-time!

At one point it started to rain like crazy! People sought shelter under tables, haha.

All pictures are by my sister.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Waaa you're so cuuute on the first pic! ;U; <3

    and I should say hii from Kristine (sa-chan) ^^b

  2. Du ser fantastisk ud i dit regn gear, just saying.

    Og Dunéeeeee!! Hvor er det awesome!

  3. Du er for sej. Brilliant-looking in that last picture.

  4. I think it's awesome you also attended Kløften Festival before even being born xD Awesome that your mom participated while being pregnant, haha!
    And it all looks like lots of fun :D

  5. Zarsu> Actually, I was born back then; I was 4 month old 8DDD

  6. You pick up nice things in ur blog - i will follow u! :)
    And ur way of drawing is beautiful.

    Nice greets

    Looona Lou