PROJECT: white stool

Yesterday's afternoon project - painted my stool partly white. It was great to do in this lovely weather!


DIY: flower pots

I love plants. And I can't help myself to get a new one once in a while. Now I've ended up with multiple of the same flower pots - plain, earth coloured, IKEA flower pots.
This is a simple way to liven these pots up - and takes no more then an afternoon!

What you'll need;
1. Plain flowerpot
2. Masking tape
3. Rubber bands
4. Universal markers (I'm using POSCA)
Place the rubber bands and masking tape in the shape of your liking - the rubber bands are perfect for making straight lines to go all around!
When all is set, you start drawing in the shape - and wait for it to dry. NOTE! Be careful when you remove the rubber bands, they might not have dried completely if you got colour on them.
Finally, you put your plants in place, and voilà! 


ART: without title

These three are payment for a set of markers I got from my former school - super cool of them to let me pay with drawings!
Speaking of drawings - I'm able to train my hand a bit now (!!!) which is lovely, I've missed drawing, more than anyone can imagine. Drawing with my left hand just isn't the same :( 
Last week I got my light-table back. It's been at my parents place since I moved out over 2 years ago, and boy did I miss it!!
I ended up making 7 different profiles, and here you see four of them - sketch, colour test, and two of the three finished linearts. I even made two of one of them, so I have something to put in my portfolio.


DIY: elbow patches

Oh bugger, I don't like this new Blogger layout :(

About 5 years ago, I bought a blue/white striped sweater in a second hand store. It's been used and loved, but lately it's been looking so... dull. So I decided to liven it up with elbow patches! Yes, I'm a sucker for elbow patches, haha.


What you'll need;
1. Sweater of choice
2. Elbow patches (these can be bought pre-made in different colours - fairly cheap too)
3. Iron
4. Sewing needle
5. Thread

First, find out where you want to place it, and iron it in place - follow the instructions on the elbow patch package!

When you've made sure they don't peel off, you can leave it like that - or secure them by sewing them in place.

I decided on a darker thread colour.

And then you're done! A brand "new" sweater, ready to wear ♥

 (Alternative title; Astrid's Inner Hipster)