The end of a year

Every year, I like to write myself a little memo of the year that went - what I accomplished, experienced, and gained. What I lost, regretted and never wanted to do again.
This year has been joyful, but very difficult.
This has been the year where I got into three amazing fandoms; Homestuck; Doctor Who; BBC Sherlock. This is the year I cried for the end of Harry Potter; got into Pottermore; got sorted into Hufflepuff. And this is the year where I learned that I can tell people my honest opinion; when I feel stepped upon; when I don't agree.
I started this year, just waiting for something to happen, not knowing what to do to myself. Then I started school and my lust for art and learning techniques spread like a wildfire; all day, every day, I was thinking about what to do next; what I should improve; how I could solve different problematics.
I was on a roll, I'd never felt better.
Then the unthinkable happened, and I got an inflammation in my right hand.
I've done everything I can; kept it calm; had it in a cast; went to x-ray; got a blockage. But nothing has helped so far - and it's been 5 months.
My life came to a half. From the last 5 moths, I haven't got a lot of memory, only frustration and anger. I don't know what to do with my life now, all my future plans were canceled and I can't answer my own questions. I can only wait, and hope it won't be long.
It saddens me, that I'll go into the new year with this, not knowing where my life will go, and at what speed.
But everything will be sorted out eventually, and I will be able to gain what I have lost.
I have promised myself something, that I will look forward to, when the inflammation has gone. And I can't wait, it'll be another chapter in my life!

I wish all of you a great new year, with dreams coming true ♥

Christmas Eve

Christmas was a blast!
I enjoyed myself and the great company - and not to forget the food.
..and the presents ♥
My sisters gave me the most amazing lamp ever - in the shape of a 1:1 scale white rabbit!


Merry 12th Perigee's Eve

Sascha helped me take these photos, for a contest over at AniManga.dk. Decided on the 3rd image (you had to have their name in it)!
For those of you wondering, I'm dressed as Aradia Megido from Homestuck.

♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Holidays ♥ ♥ ♥



This month I've gotten to wear lolita a lot!
Here's the outfit I wore Saturday, for Mousys birthday party, and the Kita Christmas Lunch; 
At the Christmas Lunch I found the almond in the ris a la mande, which I never do, and I won two tickets for Arrietty :')
Also, here's a better picture of my outfit from J-popcon, taken by Martin Nielsen;


merry christmas

Updating has become a rarity for me now, haha.

Two weekends ago I went to a meet up in Aarhus! It was a good day, and nice to wear lolita again - it's been a while!

We went to AROS, where they had an exhibition with Olafur Eliasson - which resulted in a lot of cool photos by Sascha!

And I took this of rainbowception; a rainbow outside of the rainbow panorama;

Last weekend I went to some Christmas-"cozy" with my loli-circle!

Tomorrow, I'm going to wear loli again, it's great!