merry christmas

Updating has become a rarity for me now, haha.

Two weekends ago I went to a meet up in Aarhus! It was a good day, and nice to wear lolita again - it's been a while!

We went to AROS, where they had an exhibition with Olafur Eliasson - which resulted in a lot of cool photos by Sascha!

And I took this of rainbowception; a rainbow outside of the rainbow panorama;

Last weekend I went to some Christmas-"cozy" with my loli-circle!

Tomorrow, I'm going to wear loli again, it's great!

4 kommentarer:

  1. I really love all your outfits, every time you come up with something really enchanting and innovative! You are just such a stunning lolita <3

  2. When did your hair seriously get so long? ... TIME TRAVELER!
    I love the waves fuu

  3. Agreeing with Kami immensely - dose waveees, do approve!

  4. I love all your loli outfits c: You're always so creative ♥