horn tutorial v.0.2

V.0.2 of the ram horns for my Aradia Megido cosplay!
(I forgot to put this up yesterday, I'm sorry)

These horns are easier to make than the previous ones, and weights nothing at all - this means, that I was able to just stick them through my wig, and hold them together with a ribbon! They don't give you a headache, and are easy to deal with.

Let's get started!

For these horns, you'll be using:
Wire mesh
Paint tape (optional)
Wood glue (for indoors)
Ribbon (anything will do)
Acrylic paint (color of your own choice)

1. This is the wire mesh I used - I cut it out in pieces, and put them together with wire. You can see the finished form on the right in the picture - it took a while to get the shape right, so be prepared for trial and error!
2. This is basically the forms I used for a single horn - notice that I have cut a lot into every piece, to make it able to shape as I wanted it to.
3. Wrap it up in paint tape - NOTE, this is optional!
4. Cover them in papier-mache, and do the textures with papier-mache too.
5. For this, I cut a small hole on both sides of each horn, and put a ribbon through - like this, I could hang them up, so it was easier to even out the glue!
I gave them three layers of glue - you have to wait for each layer to dry, before applying the next one.
This makes the horns hard to bend out of shape, but they're still soft to the touch!
NOTE, remember to fit them for your head, and adjust the shape often!
6. Paint them in the desired colors! I still need to paint these properly and give them a layer of shine.
DONE! I didn't get a picture of how I put them in the wig, but basically, I cut a hole where I wanted them to be, and stuck them through - the ribbon hold them together, so they don't fall out of the wig or fall out of place!

Don't hesitate to questions!

14 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor er det fedt lavet :D <3!

  2. They were so fucking amazing *swoons*

  3. YAY, finally!
    The horns look SOO good c: Great tutorial!

  4. I cannot get over how cool you are. Like seriously. These horns are so pretty I dun even!

  5. simply just love wire mesh, so useful. <3 n this is an amazing tutorial! love to try that out!:D thank you so much for sharing!

  6. waaaaaaah !!! så nemt kan det gøres! det skal jeg prøve i hvert fald !

  7. This is great! I have seen an awesome Robo-Aradia cosplay, and am hoping to one day try it myself... ;)

  8. *derp derp....derper rundt på the interwebs efter en tutorial på vædderhorn...derp derp*

    Nææh, en tutorial på en blog, fantastisk!

    Men hvad er det, hvem er det, hvad skete der her?!

    HEJ ASTRID! :D Du er savnet!

    - Trine fra TDA

  9. How thick is the wire and wire mesh ??

    1. It it not very thick - it can easily be bent using only your hands. But it's strong enough to not be bend out of shape too easily.
      I hope this helps!

    2. Thanks :)
      Do you have other pictures of how you form the wire mesh ?? I can't see how you got it so smooth... mine is all edged...