J-popcon '11

I had a blast at this years J-popcon!
For the first time in a long, long time, I didn't sleep with Liv - I had decided to do something so drastic, as to stay at a hotel with 14 other people! We were divided in 2 rooms, and the people were from our Homestuck group. It was fun, and I wouldn't mind doing it again! And the view, man, from the 9th floor, you can see the whole city..

Friday I was dressed as Matryoshkastuck!Aradia, but I'm not completely satisfied with my hoodie, it was very last-minute, and I couldn't do much with my hand - so I will re-do it someday.
But it was fun, and I'm surprised a lot of people could recognize me :'D
I meant to wear it Saturday too, but as the rest of the Homestuck group were backstage, getting ready to do to opening act for the cosplay show, as the majority of my friends were too, I didn't wear it. But I had fun! I didn't really see that much of the con, mainly sitting around and talking.
The show was amazing! I'm really surprised at the level Danish cosplayers have come to, it's all so innovative and inspiring.

Sunday was the J-fashion.dk fashion show, and I wore this;
I didn't expect a lot of people to show up, as it was quite early, in con-perspective, but a big amount of people did show up!

I got a ride to Silkeborg with Emma, where I stayed the night at Kristines place - I was so lucky to catch the con-flu, haha!

I had a wonderful con ♥
(I'm not very good at writing this kind of stuff, hahahaha)

The horn tutorial will be up on Sunday!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg er glad for at du blev genkendt <3 og at du ikke smittede mig med influenza!

  2. You were so lovely as Aradia!

  3. Hotel - DU-DU-DUUUUN DRASTIC!!!!! xD <3

    The new horns for your Aradia cosplay are amazing *-* I love them!