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I promised a few people to take progress-pictures of the horns I made for my Homestuck Aradia Cosplay!
First of all, there's two tutorials here. I wasn't satisfied with the first pair, so I made a new one - they still aren't perfect, so I'm making yet a new set, to make them more ram-like.
Though, these tutorials might be useful to those who want to make larger horns - the progress can easily be fitted to the kind of horns you want to make!
I find ram horns quite difficult to make, as the shape easily bends..
The first set is more time consuming than the second set.
I won't show how I got them to sit on my head, as the method I used is retarded and requires two people to get it on, haha.
But let's get started!

For the first set, you'll be using:
Hard wire // Paper form
Expanding foam
Plaster // Polyfilla

1. First you make the desired shape out of the wire. You can use a paper-form if you have to make a straight horn.

2. Fill them out with expanding foam - don't use too much, it expands like hell! With the wire base I made, the cutting was to be careful. It took a while, so that I wouldn't hit the wire and cute off too much.

3. If you happen to cut off too much at places, take some of the cut off foam and tape it to the form, to fill out the spaces!

4. Coat them with papier-mache.

5. Coat them with plaster or Polyfilla (using plaster you have to be quick, as it hardens very fast).

6. Sand them so they get a smoother surface.

7. Lastly, you paint them with the desired colors!

For the second set, you'll be using:
Pipe cleaners // wire
Tin foil
Masking tape

1.First, make your desired shape out of pipe cleaners or wire, and form them with tin foil. Use the tin foil to get to the desired thickness.

2. Cover them in masking tape.
NOTE! Here would be a good place to coat them with papier-mache, but I was too lazy to do it - papier-mache let's the Polyfilla bind easier.

3. Coat them in Polyfilla and sand them.

4. Paint them in the desired colors!
Here you can also see the difference in the two pairs I made; the first pair ended up being too large, and bend out of shape.

I hope this was useful! If you have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to ask :D

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