i'm pathetic

It's always in a situation like this, when your tools have been taken away from you, that you have the biggest need for them.
For the past 1½ month I've had tenosynovitis - which means I haven't been able to draw, craft or anything that requires the use of my right hand.
It's frustrating, and some days I feel so angry I could just scream.
But nothing is so bad it is not good for something,
I've learned to write nicely with my left hand, and I'm starting to get the grasp of using it to draw too.

So now that I can't do much, I spend a lot of time with jigsaws, games and TV series!
The past week have been dedicated to these lovely games,
Yume Nikki and the fangame .flow
I love them. What more can I say. Inspiration-bomb, right there, haha!

And lastly, I jumped in the trap and got myself a tumblr..
I post drawings, pictures, and reblog a little!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Boo, still with the brace-thing on. Hang in there, sweetie! <3

  2. Wuuh~ og hvor der er vilje er der en kunstervej ;D

  3. hvor er du fantastisk!!! at du bare sådan tager kampen op og lærer at tegne med venstre. Du er så sej!! Jeg håber snart det går over. Jeg savner dig!!