DIY: dying clothes

These days I spend too much time watching TV shows - but in between I get a little creative. Well, the most creative I can be right now!

The past few days I've had a little project going, and some of you might find it useful.

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear, and you clothes just seem dull?
Fear not!
You can dye your clothes, and it will feel like new!

I, myself, had a pair of blue jeans, a baby pink top, a blue dress and a washed black t-shirt.
On a daily basis I wear a lot of black and I haven't really got many bright colors in my wardrobe; so the top and the dress have just been lying around for ages, not being used - on the contrary, I've used the t-shirt so much that the color had faded quite a lot.

For the dying I used Admiral - a danish fabric color brand, that can be used in the washing machine, which is the easies way to dye clothes.

This is how it looked before and after,
NOTE: when dying clothes, you have to make sure how much it weights, as a higher weight gives a lighter color!
NOTE 2: when dying jeans it's best to use the jeans-color for the best result; but as I didn't want the blue jeans to be completely black, I went for the basic color.
NOTE 3: The fabric-color usually can't dye the thread used for sewing - this can be seen on my dress, which still has a slightly visible blue thread.

As you can see in the image, the top and the dress has gotten a washed-black color, due to the weight from the jeans.
This was easy to solve, as I had another pair of jeans - an old pair that have been used so much that they have haded to a bluish-black - that I needed to dye too.
For these, I used the jeans-color, and put the top and the dress in the washer together with the jeans, so now they are completely black too.
This is a really cheap (Admiral cost 59Dkkr) way to renew your wardrobe, and make the washed-out clothes seem new again!

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  1. Før I tiden var jeg tit træt og deprimeret - men så prøv't jeg sort farve på mit tøj, og så fik jeg det meget mer' satanisk. Tak, sort farve!

    SELV TAK \m/