left handed art dump

I've had a few complaints that I don't update my blog that often anymore - so here you have a small update!
First of all, the inflammation isn't gone yet, and it's been three months. Hopefully, it'll be fully functioning again in 2 months time or so.
This is also the reason I don't update that much, I'm frankly not able to do much, haha... It's getting frustrating and I've lost the patience, but this is how it is.

BUT, I'm getting better and better at drawing with my left hand!
Here's some of the drawings I've made,
(look at those fucked up eyes, staring into your soul) 
I've also tried to experiment a bit,
And I made a "re-design" of the book cover for Stephen Kings "CELL" (PULS is the Danish title), with a ballpoint-pen and a marker,
Last, but not least, we've made dreamboards in school, but I might have taken too much artistic liberty with it, instead of just plastering it with stereotypic "dreams",
My teacher didn't think I took the project seriously and asked "if my future would have a big black background?", so I had to re-do some things.
I didn't want to ruin it completely, though, especially when there was a meaning behind the background. Well, I'll be able to defend my ideas and thought Thursday!
This is the ruined version,

5 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg synes den første var pænest. Nogengange er less virkelig more <3
    Fedt at du tegner igen og selvom djævleøjnene er lidt uhyggelige er det bare op på hesten ;D <3
    - Jeg synes også du skal opdatere noget mere <3

  2. First drawing scared the shit out of me. D8 But it's all so gooood.
    I'm sorry the inflammation isn't gone yet :c hopefully soon!

  3. Their eyes are piercing my soul ◕_◕

    But srsly..how you do dat with your left hand???

  4. Åååh Astrid du tegner fantastisk. Selv med venstre hånd :( livet er virkelig uretfærdigt.
    Elsker dit kreative sind <3

  5. these are great! and with your left hand? wow.