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I'm back and able to update again!

Last month, the 11th, I went to Copenhagen - I stayed there until the 13th.
Not just for the usual chillaxing with Liv, but for the Harry Potter MEGA MARATHON + midnight premiere at Imperial ♥ ♥ ♥
Oh God, I can't describe my feelings about it.
It was amazing seeing all the movies (though, I didn't make it for the first one) on the big screen, and the excitement from everyone was overwhelming.
When Deathly Hallows part 2 started I realized that we were going to watch the last Harry Potter movie. Shit man, I was crying so much throughout the movie!
I was dressed as a Hufflepuff ♥
Still, I don't really get it's over..

While we're on the subject of Harry Potter;
Look what Liv gave me!!!!
It's a Nimbus shirt ♥ I love it, I've been wearing it almost every day, haha!
She gave it to me as a belated birthday gift ♥

I GOT INTO POTTERMOREEEEEEEEE, all thanks to Liv who excitedly called me on the second opening day to tell me the question was up ♥
I simply can't wait to get sorted!

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  1. I didn't cry ONE second XD I was hoping I would, but it just wasn't sad enough after my opinion but I envy your marathon ;W;