Sugar & Spice II

I spend yesterday in the company of 5 girls from our lolita circle, Sugar & Spice

Sascha missing in the group picture~
The day started rather slow, as the meet-up was held here in Aalborg, so I didn't have to get ready early - so I took my time to put my outfit together, and luckily I looked outside the window.
I was quite choked to see all the snow! Everything was covered in white, and big snowflakes were falling from the sky (ノ´∀`*)ノ I love snow, so this was a very happy sight.
And now I had a very good excuse to use my beautiful umbrella again! I haven't used it for a couple of years, which is a shame..

We spend most of the day at the museum "KuNSTEN" and later on the Utzon Center - they were selling some delicious cake at "KuNSTEN", haha ( ・ω・)つ I quite liked a lot of the installations that were on display.

Later we went to Sascha's place and watched some Pocahontas. Or rather slept to the sound of it, hahaha [(--)]ZZz

Here are my outfit pictures;

With my jacket and umbrella! You can almost see the bag too, haha.

Underneath the jacket I wore my Babytssb dress. I really like it, it's cute but not too cute!

My hair and make-up. Here you can see the scarf and gloves Mousy gave me at my housewarming ♥

Now I will just go back to doing nothing ((+_+))

3 kommentarer:

  1. YOU FOUND THE OTHER GLOVE! :D Nice to know 8D

    Pretty girl, I love you jacket D:<

  2. Du ser super nuttet ud! *-* elsker kjolen, total wonderful altså. Og pandehår er som skabt til dig, det indrammer virkelig dit ansigt smukt :D

  3. Your outfit was very classy and lovely! You look so mature and not as silly as the rest of us, haha!