Joker of the Pack

(ok, I'm starting to lack updating again. I won't stuff everything in this post, so I'll make one tomorrow too)

My Sunday was spend at Sascha & Kenny's place - or rather, in their basement!
We were doing a photoshoot in connection with a project Kenny is doing.
It was rather fun with the effects going on and all, Sascha saying "DOWN!" when I had to move out of the frame quickly, haha ε=ε=ε=┌(*゚∇゚)┘
I think a lot of the pictures turned out really scary. It was nice to try and do a photoshoot like this ♥

Here's some of my own favorite pictures;
This one shows the nails that I did, very well;
And this shows the make up (^-^*)

I hope you like the pictures! The rest can be seen here

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  1. Those pics are awesome! OMG A FLOATING CARD? OMG! *stares* ... like...OMG XD AStrid you cutie pie! The card is floating....seriously XDDDD *very excited*

    Du er så pæn på billeder >____< <3