back again

Finally I'm back with actual updates! What came in the way, you may ask; I formatted my computer and was without a photo-editing programme until a few days ago.

The above images are my outfit for Sascha and mine's combined birthday party in February; we had it circus themed! You can see more pictures at Sascha's blog

Here's another outfit from early February, and some pictures from my apartment;
A while back I crafted this necklace - I collect crystals, and I bought this one last summer, wanting to make it into a necklace; but I guess I forgot all about it until then!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Du ser fantastisk ud i den lyserøde kjole! Og hurra for at din computer er gået i orden! :D

  2. your blog is so calming to read <3 love your homemade necklace, and i didn't know that you had a deer hanging up on the wall xD

  3. You looked so cute (and creepy) at our party ♥

    And the other outfit is so adorable ;w;

    Your new necklace looks gorgeous!

  4. Hello there, prettyface!
    You and I will need to compare crystals someday, I have quite a few myself 8D

  5. Holy motherfucker, you look SO beautiful in that babypink dress. MAAAAN I WANT TO HUUUG YOOUUU!!! I can't wait for summervacation and hanging out <3