You'll never guess her secret

Esther seems like the perfect 9-year-old girl and is adopted into the Colaman-family - but there's something wrong with Esther. Terrible accidents follows her around, it's strange as she's such a loving, talented, well-speaking girl. But her new mother, Kate, starts to suspect Esther...

I watched this movie, Orphan, yesterday - and must I say, it was just to my liking!
The movie was a bit long, but it had a plot that I would never had guessed! I loved the twist in it, I really hadn't seen that coming. And Isabella Fuhrman plays excellent, you almost believe she's real.

And now for something irrelevant to the story itself; I adore the clothes Esther wears! It's old fashion children clothes (thought, the story takes place in modern time), and it looks like Innocent World/Mary Magdalene's line for children, if they ever made one. Ah, I wouldn't mind owning her wardrobe ♥

6 kommentarer:

  1. I'm too scared to watch the movie all the way through. I tried but then I was like "no!" so I had to turn it off :(

    I've heard it was awesome though.

  2. OMG! Jeg har engang set traileren for lige præcis denne film og ville så gerne se den, men glemte hvad den hed D:


    I go se right naow.. eller.. efter arbejder x(

  3. Hahaha super weird, og gawd mand. creepy little girl is creepy! Ej den har faktisk et ret twist til sidst. havde hellere ikke regnet med det plot. Det er faktisk et pæææænt skummelt plot!

  4. Så osse denne her for et stykke tid siden. Mest fordi min lærer synes en af mine tegneserier mindede om den XD Jeg lolede så meget, da jeg fandt ud af hvad den handlede om! XDD

    + elsker osse hendes tøj!