Today, in school, we had to design our very own Ex-Libris! I loved the assignment, and had a lot of ideas instantly. So of cause, we all started off by finding the right design for ourselves.

Afterwards we had to paint it onto eggs - because it's Easter! I've always loved painting eggs for Easter, but I haven't for many years, and I have to tell you, it was harder than I remember! (maybe just because I wanted it to be almost perfect, haha)

It was a fun assignment - and I like how my Ex-Libris turned out ♥

To say Goodnight, here's my latest dA upload;

smile, sunshine by *ApfelAstrid on deviantART

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your designs are AWESOME ü Especially the gold one!

  2. Elsker dine æg hihi <3
    Astrid du bliver nød til at lave et eller andet til mig engang, eeelsker dine tegninger og dine designs! :3

  3. you've got some really cool art!me likes! blogger not so much, since i can't follow ppl anymore. D: - och nu såg jag att det är typish svensktsnack här, så igen. supersnygga bilder! ska kolla upp din da också. *stalker* flåt. ^^'