happy 50 years!

I spend this weekend with my family. It was SO nice just relaxing at home and not having to worry about anything. My parents had just gotten home from a vacation to Bermuda, so I looked albino compared to them, haha. Though, sadly I haven't got a picture of that!
Right before my parents took off it was my dad's 50 years birthday. So now we got the opportunity to celebrate him ♥
During the weekend I ate a lot. Like, A LOT. You know, I love eating and when it tastes good, I eat more than I can bear, haha.

Can you feel the spring? I love it! When I arrived at the train station today it was too hot for jackets and scarfs ♥

7 kommentarer:

  1. KAJKAGE UDEN PUPILLER I ØJNENE, ad ad ad. Nu får jeg mareridt!

  2. Jeg er OVERHOVEDET ikke misundelig på al den mad.

  3. Is..is that you dad in the blue blouse? SO BROWN. Oh my gawd. Your sister look white compared to him XD

    Ahahaha, I love the picture of the half Kaj-cake. Looks like something from a horror movie!
    And so much amazing food ü I get a little hungry looking at it, haha~

  4. YEAAARRRHHHH KAJKAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  5. årh... kajKage.. omg. <3 hvor er jeg bare misundelig! al den mad nam nam nam <3 love

  6. Jeg ELSKER kajkagen med underbid! xD