And she kills herself

Yesterday I went to the movies in the company of Sascha ♥ We were going to watch Black Swan.

This is what I wore for the movie;

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  1. You're dancingggggggggggg, can't you see?

  2. nya! cute Astrid is cute :D <3

    OMG!! it MOVES!

  3. That movie is so damn scary ;__; but really good~ x3 Not recommend to watch it alone at night time

    I love your outfit! It's so cute! ^^b

  4. *trying to figure out your outfit* is that... a loli dress with a cardi over it? D: looks so cute! <3

    Seriously. Every day it gets scarier :( I've become kind of paranoid because of it...
    And wtf, spoiler much? ;D