painted wings

Changed it a bit again, now it doesn't look as unfinished!

After my layout disappeared yesterday, I sat down and finished this new one.
And guess what? I had actually planned a new layout based on my new header, so I just got a push from blogger, I guess, haha!

Do you like it?

It's based off of this picture of myself:

6 kommentarer:

  1. IT LOOKS GOOOOT! And maybe it looks unfinished because there's just a white background?

    Btw I love your blog background *___*

  2. I really love your new layout!~ ^^ A bit scary maybe but cool~ *O*

  3. årh fedt man!
    gid jeg kunne lave sådan noget :D

  4. Jeg synes det ser MEGA nice ud! oÔ Kan du ikke liiiige kommet et smut til Sjælland og lave mit? :P

  5. I LOVE it xDDDDDDDD Hahahahaa, it's GREAT!!!!!