☇ ☇ ☇

I just got a new sweater today ♥

This weekend was spend with my parent, and Bernhard, in their summer cottage. I enjoyed it, I was able to completely relax! It's still not finished, so the toilet didn't work, there were holes in the ceiling (it was like sleeping in a tent, haha) and my dad was working on it all the time. But I love it there ♥ I read a lot, went for quite a few walks on the beach and watched a few movies. I can't wait to go back there when my vacation starts!

On another note; I just got two additions to my small terrace; a chrysanthemum and a strawberry plant. One of the strawberries were already ripe today, and I can tell you, it was delicious and sweet ♥

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  1. Hvor ser det skønt ud <3


  3. ..now I miss Hou a lot :c And your parents. I can't wait to visit them with you this summer!