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I posted this picture to Facebook yesterday; I love peoples reactions, haha!
For years, I've wanted to shave part of my head again, but the "maybe I'll regret it"-question kept creeping into my head. Though, yesterday I decided I should just do it, before I shave off all my hair - I'm so tired of it just being long! So I got Sascha to shave it for me ♥
It's very discreet, and can be hid away when I have my hair down. I love it, and it feels nice with something new ♥

8 kommentarer:

  1. Fffff- you look so adorable ♥

  2. Looks SO much better after you washed your hair ;D
    I'll make you bald anytime, babe!

  3. Det ser super lækkert ud <3

  4. Aaaah det må være dejligt i sommerheden! :D